Make Yourself at Home by Moorea Seal

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Discover how to style your home for a deeper sense of comfort, with guidance from the creator of the 52 Lists journal series

Fans of Moorea Seal know the style influencer and online curator for her beautiful 52 Lists journals and planners, and they love her rustic luxe aesthetic: inspired boho loveliness, dashes of inspiration, plus a twist of the adventuresome spirit of the Northwest.

Now Moorea has created a home design book that’s equal parts self-help guide, memoir, and décor inspiration! She’ll help you explore what it means to create a relaxed, comfortable home, and you’ll find which expression feels most authentic to you through color palates, interior design modes, conversation prompts, essays, approachable DIY projects and more.

Focusing in turn on one room at a time, various chapters will help you take on the living room, the dining room, bedrooms, and of course, the kitchen. Included for each room:

·       A personal essay penned by Moorea herself
·       An exclusive look into Moorea’s own spaces with tips for inspired, mindful living
·       Two beginner-friendly DIY projects to personalize and decorate your home on a budget
·       Intimate looks into the homes of a diverse set of female style curators, who share their best tips and tricks for comfortable, imaginative decor

You don't need lots of money or the perfect life in order to infuse your space with your signature spark.

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